How to Start Your Own Wedding Photography Business

Wedding Photography is one the hardest areas of photography, if not the hardest of all. If you are already a photographer, accept about composition, light, Photoshop, and you own abundant accessories to alpha adventuring into cutting Weddings, actuality are some tips to how you could alpha your own Marriage Photography Business.

1- The Right Equipment

First, let’s analysis a account of accessories that you charge for the job;

– Agenda SLR Camera

– Zoom Lens

– Anamnesis Card

– Shoe Mount Flash

– Battery for the Camera

– Battery for the Flash

– Tripod

– Computer

– Photoshop

All these accessories are actual basal and you should accede accepting a advancement for anniversary one of them. It is actual common, in agenda photography, if something goes amiss with the equipment. You could aswell advance in some little added avant-garde accessories like; Top of the band cameras, lenses, strobes, Radio Slave Transmitters, Radio Slave Receivers and etc.

2- The Right Start

You apparently wish to go out and alpha cutting weddings and accomplish a lot of money as anon as possible. A lot of of the beginners wish to do that, but aboriginal you will charge to apprentice the basics of this specific business.

Wedding Photography could be a acceptable way to accomplish some money, but as aggregate else, you should be a Marriage Columnist because you adulation to advice humans to bottle the anamnesis of the a lot of important day of their lives, and not just because you wish their money.

As I mentioned afore in one of my added articles, Marriage Photography is not just to accept your camera and alpha cutting the wedding. Marriage Photography is an art and you should apprentice this art from anyone that can advise and affect you to be a bigger photographer.

Here are some places to start;

– Marriage Photography Conventions

– Marriage Photography Seminars

– Marriage Photography Workshops

– Marriage Photography Coaches

– Photography Associations

One of the best places to alpha with your Marriage Photography Business is alms yourself to advice some accomplished Marriage Columnist as his/her assistant. This would accord you the acquaintance that you need, and you wouldn’t accept the albatross or the accent of cutting the marriage by yourself. This is so important that I would acclaim you to go out and acquisition a Columnist that you like his/her appearance and action yourself to be his/her assistant, even if there is no money involved.

After a while allowance few altered photographers, you would be cutting few weddings as the photographer’s “Second Shooter”. If you get aplomb and acquaintance abundant you would be accessible to alpha your own Marriage Photography Business, and who knows, somebody abroad would be allurement you to be your assistant.

The Different Styles of Wedding Photography Available to the Couple Today

Typically, your marriage day is one of the a lot of important milestones in your life. You absorb a affluence on flowers, stationery, dresses, a architecture artist, hotels and so abundant more. Your personality and appearance goes into those details. Whoever you are and what anytime you like there is a marriage columnist out there for you.

Photographers appear in abounding altered personalities, sizes and styles. Some shoot in alone one specific appearance and there are photographers who shoot in a array of altered styles. Then we accept the absolute innovators who actualize their own style.

The a lot of accepted styles of marriage photography in today’s bazaar are as follows:

– Photojournalistic

– Traditional

– Illustrative

Lets yield a attending at anniversary of these…


Wedding photojournalism is said to address to the helpmate and benedict that crave a alternation of different photographs advised to “tell a story” or characterize their marriage day. Marriage photojournalism has become a actual accepted appearance of marriage photography and is the art of capturing moments unobtrusively. Normally you almost apperceive that the columnist is there. Normally the columnist covers the marriage with a ample telephoto lens (although not always) and tries not to get in the way of the adventure as it unfolds.

Wedding photojournalist’s acknowledge to contest as they unfold, they do not dispense or actualize events. The consistent images accordingly can be capricious (as is activity unpredictable), some accede this alternation as a check with this accurate style. Personally I feel its not a check it’s the admirable aspect of this style, it absolutely is a almanac of your day. The ambition of Marriage Photojournalism is to acquaint the different adventure of your marriage day. Marriage Photojournalism captures moments rather than poses, documenting the affections and activity about the absolute occasion. The images back 18-carat affect and abduction the adventure of your day as it unfolds naturally.

Best in the world: Able-bodied for me its Jeff Ascough but abounding photographers will say Dennis Reggie. Dennis is the ancestor of this style.


Traditional marriage photography is a accurate appearance that is a alternation of apish airish or ‘set up’ photographs, usually of the marriage affair and the couples’ families. Acceptable marriage photographers tend to chase a ‘shot list’. Lighting and backgrounds are deeply controlled by the columnist consistent in able-bodied apparent images. The disadvantages of Acceptable marriage photography could be issues like, the bulk of time the Helpmate and Benedict absorb accepting their photograph taken. Images can attending visually adorable but annealed due to their changeless and apish attributes and predictable.

The upside of acceptable photography is that you end up a set of able photographs of your ancestors and admired ones.

Although Acceptable marriage photography still has it’s abode in the avant-garde photography apple it is getting pushed abreast by added allegorical and photojournalist styles of shooting. You see added acceptable photographers that are earlier and accept been in the industry a continued time and accept not afflicted their means or you will see it in the lower end beginners as it is any simple appearance of cutting that does not yield abundant aesthetic input. But be acquainted it still takes accomplishment so don’t be cerebration anyone can do it well.

You apparently don’t wish to await too heavily on academic portraiture, however, or you will absence out on a lot of the energy, passion, and raw affect surrounding your wedding. A lot of couples wish to accomplish abiding to cover some candid, photojournalistic photography in their marriage albums alongside the academic shots.

Best in the world: Able-bodied for me its Monte Zucker.


Wedding Photographers who shoot weddings in the Allegorical style, anticipate in agreement of architecture elements by agreement their capacity in settings of absorbing agreement and backgrounds. This photography is usually a aesthetic being who loves architecture and elements of blush and texture. The columnist provides administration to their accountable but they are aswell encouraged to interact. This after-effects in a added ad-lib feel. Allegorical marriage photography is said to accompany out the photographer’s ‘artistic’ aesthetic and compositional abilities rather than artlessly capturing a alternation of moments.

Its afflicted by fashion, beat and affairs photography.

Illustrative Marriage Photography is the newest appearance to breach into the marriage scene. Its a avant-garde and fun way to photograph a marriage consistent in aesthetic and anxious marriage images. Photographers who shoot in this appearance are accomplished both artistically and technically.

If I was to pigeon-hole myself into one accurate appearance it would be the class of photography best ill-fitted to me.

Best in the world: For me its, Australian columnist Yervant his website artlessly says “Fashion meets Wedding”.


San Francisco based columnist Bambi Cantrell.